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MLB Playoff Picture

Now these are the teams that I think will be making the playoffs this season...
AL East: New York Yankees (high powered offense, still seems to be running strong, also with a very strong road record and 11 remaining road games.)

AL Central: Chicago White Sox: Low in team batting, but still ahead of 1st place Detroit, they are also higher in team ERA, and runs allowed.)

AL West: LA Angels (Second in the majors in runs scored, and first in batting avg.  Also with a better road record than the Rangers which will help in the long run.)

AL Wild Card: Boston Red Sox (Coming off of a large slump to start the second half the sox bats have rebounded nicely, if the pitching follows I think they can easily clinch the wild card, if not then it should be a race to the finish with Tampa Bay, and Texas.)

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies (7 games up, and has both a better home and road record than second place Atlanta.)

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals (9 Games up, they have basically run away with the division.  The second place Cubs, are only 1 game above .500.)

NL West: L.A. Dodgers (This is going to be the tightest race in the NL, but I think the 4 games that they are up on Colorado will hold, especially since they are first in the majors in team ERA.)

NL Wild Card: Colorado Rockies (For the simple reason that they are the only team not leading the their respective division that has 70 or more wins.)
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New York Yankees Making A Difference

Just heard about this story this morning on the Today Show.  Apparantley for the last week the New York Yankees have been bring sick, developmently challenged, etc, to Yankees Stadium to watch Yankees games, and after get to go down on the field to meet the players, and have fun.  One of the people they had brought to the stadium was a former paratrooper who developed Lou Gehrigs Disease, and who doctors said had only a few more years to live.  Another was a group of kids from a camp who had a disease so that they were basically allergic to sunlight, the Yankees brought them to a night game, and after turned the field in to a carnival for the kids to play at.  It was literally a carnival to, with clowns, bounce houses, etc.  The players have also been helping outside the ballpark.  A couple of players went to an inner city school in hopes of inspiring the kids to not drop out, and focus on there school work.  he Yankees have a ouple more events planned for this week, and hope that other baseball clubs will follow next year.

Now I'm not a NYY fan, in fact I don't like the team at all, but I really want to give them Kudo's for developing such a giving program.  The kids and people that they are helping all deserve it, and will never forget it.  I hope at some point every team in the MLB has a program like this.
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The New "Report Abuse" System Is Here

For those of you who don't know, and I really hope that nobody falls into that category, CBS has recently created the "Report Abuse" system which has replaced the old "Warning" system.  In this new system a user reports a post that abuses the CBS Term of Service, or whatever, and the CBS Admins make the final descission as to whether or not a warning is issued.

The below link is for people to learn more about the "Report Abuse" System.

The below link is to the "Report Abuse" SYtems FAQ's.

I would like to know how everyone feels about this new system.  It seems to me that it would help cut down on feuds, and warning wars between members of the community.  The only downside that I see is that users will no longer be able to challenge warnings due to the fact that a warning is issued by an Admin.
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Good Bye Julio Lugo

The Red Sox have announced that Shortstop Julio Lugo has been designated for assignment, meaning that within the next 10 days Lugo must either be traded or released.  Sox GM Theo Epstein admitted signing Lugo for his past preformance was a mistake.  In a comment to the Boston Globe Epstein stated...

“I think ownership has been consistent that we’ll do what we need to do to keep the best possible team on the field,’’ Epstein said yesterday. “A sunk cost is a sunk cost. We’re sorry it didn’t work out better with Julio, obviously. But keeping him on the team wasn’t going to change that. Sometimes the best organizations admit their mistakes and they move on. And that’s what we’re doing here.

Some of the major factors in this descision were poor play on the part of Lugo, particulary a botched defensive play that led to a loss for the Sox against the Rangers.   Also good play out of Nick Green and a returning Jed Lowrie sealed Lugo's fate.  Within the next 10 days lugo will be either playing for a new team or looking for a new team. 

I can't say I blame the Sox.  At this point keeping Lugo on the team was just taking up cap space, and going no where.  Lugo's career has been very good, but as of late his play has been sub par to say the least.  I also want to say that looking back on it it was a mistake for the Sox to sign Lugo in the first place.  Like Theo said, past preformance is nothing to base a player on.  I think that getting rid of Lugo will be in the best interests of both parties, the Sox will have one less salary to pay, and Lugo won't be riding the bench any longer.

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Manny Ramirez makes his first Minor League Start

A few months ago Dodgers  outfielder Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games for violating the MLB's drug policy.  On June 23, 2009 Ramirez made his first rehab start with the Dodgers AAA affiliate the Albuquerque Isotopes.  MEaning that the suspension is nearly up and Manny will soon once again be Manny.

In the game Ramirez had 2 at-bats and played left field for 4 innings.  In his 2 at-bats Ramirez struck out swinging and grounded out to the short stop.  In his 4 innings in the field a ball was never hit in his direction.

After the game Ramirez is reported to have said that his legs felt good, and he was seeing the ball well.  You will remember that Manny missed most of spring training with a leg injury.  His Isotope teammates also seemed to think he did well, one saying that "even when you miss a couple of days you have to get your legs back under you."

Manny is scheduled to make 2 more minor league starts.  One with the Isotopes, and another with the Dodgers A affiliate the Great Lakes Loons.  Then it's back to the big leagues to see if he can help an already MLB best Dodgers continue there good play.

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The Diasuke Struggles

Tonight for the first time I saw the true amount of Diasuke Matsuzaka's struggles.  I wish we could figure out what was wrong with the Japanese native that came to the Red Sox after the 2008 World Baseball Classic.

Diasuke's career in the MLB began in 2008 after the Boston Red Sox signed himafter his impressive preformance during the World Baseball Classic.  His rookie season went about as good as it possibly could.  For the season Matsuzaka went 18-3 with a 2.90 ERA. 

If you look at his stats from this season you will notice how far he has fallen.Now in his sophomore season Matsuzaka's stats have done a complete 180.  For the 2009 season, to this point, Matsuzaka is 1-5 with a 8.23 era, second worst in the history of Red Sox pitchers who have started atleast 8 games.  

Now I mentioned earlier that this was the game that told me he was in some serious trouble.  Now I have been thinking that Matsuzaka should be sent down when John Smoltz returns Thursday agains the Washington Nationals, but this game today against the Atlanta Braves made convinced me that it was what needs to be done.

Today against the Braves the first thing I see when I flip on the game is bases loaded, no outs, in the top of the first.  Two runs had already scored.  Not a good sign from the beginning.  Matsuzaka works his way out of this jam and seems to be pitching good for the next few innings, he does give up two more in the forth, but nothing major, but then in the top of the fifth everything falls apart again.  With a man on second Matuszaka gives up a long double, which scores the run.  Then to make matters worse on the very next batter Matsuzaka gives up a RBI single.  Matsuzaka left the game after 4 innings, giving up 6 earned runs, he strikes out 2 (the only two Red Sox strikeouts of the game), but walks 4.  If I do my math correctly thats a .5-1 strikout to walk ratio.

As I said before this was the game that told me Diasuke Matsuzaka had to be sent down.  There has been a lot of discussion lately as to who to send down.  The managment of the Red Sox seems to think that Diasuke will simply come out of his slump, and that it would be best to either send down, or trade Brad Penny.  A pitcher who seems to have done more than his fair share for this organization.  Penny right now is 6-2 with a 4.94 ERA, to go along with his 47 strikeouts and 29 walks.  Just a little more quick math, for the season Brad Penny has almost a 2-1 strikeout to walk ratio.  Now tell me who's stats look more of a major league calliber.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona seems to be content with watching Diasuke struggle on the mound in hopes that he will "come out" of this slump.  Through numerous game thread discussions others and I have began to feel that it is not a slump, but fatigue that has overcome Matsuzaka, and that the best remedy would be for Diasuke to spend some time rehabbing and resting. 

Now I'm not saying to get rid of Diasuke, I like him as a pitcher, but I do feel that it is time that Terry Francona do something to help Diasuke who is basically embarrasing himself on a nightly basis.  I would also love to see Diasuke comeback sometime and have another excellent season.  The Red Sox are one of the best teams in baseball, but with this weak spot in the lineup right now they will never truly be dominant.     
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About My Group

Sorry guys, but I can't get what I put in the "About this group" section to save so I'm just going to tell you here.

This group is for the general discussion of the Boston Redsox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, and New England Revolution.

That's what it would have said if it would save.  So if you love any or all of these teams come join and start discussing.

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Sammy Sosa Test Positive for Steroids

The New York Times released yesterday that Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003.  It was stated that he was on the same list as Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees, Jason Giambi of the Athletics, Roger Clemens formerly of the Red Sox, Astros and Yankees, and many more.  Sosa is now the second name to be released off that list in the past couple of months, and you can only imagine what must be going through the minds of the others joining Sosa on that list.  

It has also been said that this will further damage Sosa's chances of making the Hall of Fame.  I would hope so.  If a player uses performance enhancing drugs in order to meet the Hall of Fame standards then why should they be allowed to be a member of an elite group of baseball legends who never had any of these drugs.  The basball of old was a drug free era of people who just love the sport.  There was no fighting over contracts, or which team will pay you more money, those players just loved baseball.  It was the same thing with Barry Bonds when he broke Hank Aaron's homerun record a few years back.  I felt that since Bonds had used performance enhancing drugs that he should not hold the record.  If you have to cheat to get something then it's not really yours.  Hank Aaron earned that record through gut and determination, not from taking multiple types of drugs to make has muscles bigger.

So now in this age of performance enhancing drugs we must ask ourselves "how do we feel".  Do you feel that steroids are ok, that they come with the advancement of technology, and that since some are using them that we all should to level the playing field.  Or are you a person that, like me, believes that we should find ways to get rid of the use of steroids in pro, minor, and in sad cases, even high school sports.  That is what we have to find out next before anything, or nothing more will be done about the use of performance enhancing drugs. 
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